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The Art Muses:

Inspired by the richness of art history:
Lush, regal, golden, religious icons, jewel tones, dripping pearls, chain, jewelry of the Vienna Secession, portraits by Ingres.

The Mermaids:

A mantle of seaweed floats at the edge of a wave. The sun glistens off droplets of water. Caught in a net, dredged from a mermaid’s lair, these jewels of corals and blues, pastels and pales, are inspired by the magical treasures of the sea.

The Sylphs:

Inspired by these spirits of the sky and air, Invisible beings of the clouds, mystical and mysterious, pale green skin and emerald hair, jewels of amethyst and crystals.

The Nymphs:

Creatures of the forests, groves, and glens. Wild child of the woods, flowers, rocks and mountains. These nymphs personify the powers of nature, and their jewels are both earthy and ephemeral.

The Glamour Girls:

Adorned and adored. Dressed in sparkle, shimmer or sheen, appliqued and charmed, beaded and bejeweled, sexy women of the night- classical, with grace and style for the day.

The Urban Warriors:

Bold, colorful, unafraid are the dwellers of an urban tribe. Proud to be different. Ready to take on an adventure of self-discovery.

Designer of Wearable Art

Magnificent natural minerals, raw, semiprecious, and polished stones, vintage glass crystals and findings, resin mesh, lavish gold leaf and patinas – all materials sculpted by Pauletta Brooks, to create her unique designs, eye-catching manifestations from a mysterious world of beauty and fantasy. Blessed with a bountiful imagination, this graduate of the Arts from both Hampshire College and The Fashion Institute of Technology shapes each piece individually, instinctively allowing the material to dictate form while always keeping in mind the function to the wearer. Her signature is unmistakable: Sculptural, organic, bold ‘signature’ pieces that often look as if they’ve been dredged up from the sea from a mermaid’s lair.

Valued for her ingenuity and original designs, her jewelry has been featured in editorials in: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Details, The Daily News, and Ornament Magazine as well shown at The Folk Art Museum of New York City and the galleries at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

All handmade in New York City, each of her designs is a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece valued by all who treasure their own uniqueness.

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